General information

The Archives of Clinical Psychiatry is a peer-reviewed open access journal with six issues per year, published bimonthly. Consonant with the open access policy, the open access publication charges for the journal are USD 3000.

The Journal follows the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), available at


The Archives of Clinical Psychiatry receives submissions exclusively through OJS. To start a new submission or check the status of an existing submission, please visit

All submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter, to be uploaded as a supplementary file under this name during the submission process. The cover letter should summarize the essence of the work, describing main results and potential impact for the field of research. For additional information about the contents of an adequate cover letter, please click here.

In addition to the cover letter, submissions (except letters to the editor) must include an abstract. Both the cover letter and the abstract should respond to the following questions: (i) Why this study has been done?; (ii) How this study has been done? (literature reviews: consulted databases, number of articles found, number of articles included, inclusion and exclusion criteria, meta-analysis or descriptive work; original articles: study design, number of subjects included, study duration, etc.); (iii) What are the key findings?; and (iv) What significance do your results have for the field and for the broader community?

The abstract must not exceed 200 words and should be structured as follows: Background, Objectives, Methods, Results, and Discussion/Conclusion.

NOTE: The Archives of Clinical Psychiatry only accepts submissions in English. Both British and American English variations are acceptable, but not a mix of the two.

Conflicts of interest

Submissions to the Archives of Clinical Psychiatry must include a conflict of interest statement listing any possible sources of influence on the authors’ capacity to deal with each of the steps of research conduction or reporting; especially – but not limited to – financial and personal interests. When no competing interests exist, this should be clearly stated in this section.

For further information, please visit section “Author Responsibilities” of ICMJE’s recommendations.


Submissions reporting results from human studies must have been approved by a competent review board to certify that the study has been conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki and its latest revision. Studies with human volunteers must have obtained informed consent from all participants and this should be stated in the Methods section of the manuscript.

Likewise, reports of animal studies should bring information about the approval by competent review boards of ethics in animal research.

For detailed information on the protection of research subjects, please visit

Peer review

Upon receipt, manuscripts are evaluated by the journal editor and/or assistant editors for their originality, structure, and relevance of contents and conclusions. Manuscripts with insufficient quality or priority for publication are promptly rejected at this point.

After the initial evaluation, submissions are forwarded to an area editor according to their field of knowledge. The area editor then assigns at least two independent reviewers for the submission. In special cases, the area editor may increase or decrease the number of reviews or make a recommendation to the Editor-in-chief based on his own appraisal of the submission. Once all reviews have been received, the area editor makes a recommendation to the editor-in-chief. The area editors’ recommendations are standardized and include the options “Accept”, “Reject”, Minor Review”, and “Major Review”. The editor-in-chief receives the recommendation and has the last word on all submissions.

Copyright Notice: Once accepted for publication, the manuscript becomes permanent property of the Archives of Clinical Psychiatry. This copyright transfer subsumes exclusive and unlimited entitlement of the Archives of Clinical Psychiatry to publish and distribute the full contents of articles in whichever publishing medium, including press and electronic media, in Brazil and abroad.

Manuscript types

The Archives of Clinical Psychiatry publishes (a) original articles; (b) brief communications; (c) review articles; and (d) letters to the editor. Case reports will be considered for publication if submitted according to the guidelines for letters to the editor (below).


Typically, original articles contain new data derived from a sizable and representative sample of patients or subjects.

Original articles should not exceed 3,500 words and include a maximum of 6 tables and/or figures and 30 references. The word count includes only the main body of the text (i.e., not tables, figures, abstracts or references).

The main text should follow the typical structure of scientific articles, namely, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conflicts of interest statement, Acknowledgments (if available), and References.


Brief reports are short manuscripts with a maximum of 1,500 words, organized according to the same structure of original articles and with a maximum of  2 tables and/or figures and 15 references.


The Archives of Clinical Psychiatry publishes mainly systematic reviews and meta-analyses performed according to well-established guidelines such as PRISMA and Cochrane. Non-systematic reviews may be accepted in exceptional occasions.

Reviews should contain a maximum of 5,000 words and 6 tables and/or figures and there is no limit for references.


Letters to the editor are considered for publication if they do not contain material submitted to other publications. They should not exceed 500 words, contain a maximum of 1 figure or table, and 10 references. Letters with comments on previous publications of the Archives of Clinical Psychiatry should be submitted within three months of the original publication.

Case reports can be submitted as letters to the editor and should follow the same instructions.

Preparation of Manuscripts

I. TITLE PAGE: The first page should include only the title of the manuscript.

II. AUTHORS AND AFFILIATIONS: The second page, which will not be sent to the reviewers, should include:

  • authors’ full names (first name, middle initials, and family name);
  • authors’ ORCID iD;
  • authors’ main affiliations (please, do not include academic titles such as PhD, MSc, MD etc);
  • name and address of the institution where the study was conducted;

III. ABSTRACT: The third page should include the abstract, followed by up to five relevant key words.

IV. REFERENCES: Citations in the text should be organized in the Vancouver style, i.e., followed by the appropriate reference Arabic number in parentheses. References should be numbered and listed by their order of appearance in text. Reference lists should be double-spaced.

V. TABLES: Tables should be restricted in size, consecutively numbered with Arabic numbers in the text, and presented in separate pages after the reference list (one page for each table). Refer to every table in the text in numerical order. Indicate within angle brackets < > its preferred location in the main text. Legends should provide a complete understanding of the tables without the need to go back to the text. Tables should be restricted to information that has not been already included in the text.

VI. FIGURES: Figures should be restricted both in number and size to the strictly necessary in order to clarify the text contents. Color illustrations are accepted, but additional costs may have to be covered by authors. Figures should be presented after the reference list in separate pages (one page for each figure). Refer to every figure in the text in numerical order. Indicate within angle brackets < > its preferred location.

VII. LEGENDS: Each table and figure should include a legend with the necessary information for its thorough understanding. For that purpose, a short title followed by a concise explanation of the table or figure should be provided. However, legends should not replicate contents in the text. Abbreviations and symbols that appear in tables or figures should be referred to, even though already cited in the text.

VIII. PATIENT PHOTOGRAPHY: The Archives of Clinical Psychiatry does not encourage the publication of photography of patients. Whenever indispensable for the comprehension of the article, written informed consent must be signed by the patient or respective caregiver, and patient details must be removed from the illustration.

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