Dr. Vimala Venugopal Muthuswamy
School of Business, Department of Management, King Faisal University, Al hasa 31982, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


This study seeks to examine the phenomenon of workplace stress and its implications for the health and behaviour of employees within the healthcare industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The study additionally investigates the moderating influence of health promotion in mitigating the adverse consequences of occupational stress. The study employed a cross-sectional research design, wherein data was gathered from healthcare personnel via a survey questionnaire. The data analysis was conducted using SPSS software, and a quantitative research methodology was employed. The findings of the research offer valuable insights into the elevated degree of occupational stress encountered by healthcare personnel and its consequential effects on their physical and psychological well-being. Furthermore, the research findings also indicate that health promotion interventions have the potential to significantly alleviate the adverse impacts of workplace stress on employees' overall well-being and conduct. In general, the research emphasises the significance of acknowledging and mitigating workplace stress while fostering the physical and mental well-being of employees within the healthcare industry. This study makes a valuable contribution to the existing body of literature pertaining to workplace stress and its impact on employee health within the healthcare sector. The findings of the study offer new perspectives on the significance of health promotion in mitigating the adverse impacts of workplace stress on the well-being and conduct of employees. Additionally, the research emphasises the necessity for additional investigation into the efficacy of health promotion interventions within the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia. The study's practical and theoretical implications emphasise the significance of addressing workplace stress and promoting employee health and well-being within the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabiae.

Keywords:Health behaviour, health promotion, Saudi Arabia, health sector